What is Included?

Information on and ways to tap into you own personal medicine wheel. Including:

  • Circle: Symbolism
  • Time: A day as a cycle: Connecting you to your energy patterns.
  • Nature's Cycles: Connecting you to your environment.
  • Women's Life Seasons: Understanding your life.
  • Moon Magic: Practical magic of the moon and Her cycles.
  • Menstrual Cycles: How to understand and use them.
  • A Facebook group just for those doing the course to support and create community.

& More.

Please note: you do not have to be a 'woman' to do this work. You do not have to have a menstrual cycle to do this work. These can be seen as important metaphors and socially important cycles.

Art by Lori Menna

How to do 'The Work'

I'm looking to the positives of what the world is offering us right now, putting this work online means anyone with a computer can:

  • Access ALL of the work I've ever done. Anyone who's done a day long workshop with me will find a huge amount more in this course.

  • Access it and work at your own pace. Each part I suggest is done in monthly instalments (but you can choose). It's perfect to dive into when you feel the pull. It will never run out so you can dive back in, in a years time and get more from it at a different point in your life.

  • I recommend using a journal just for this and making a monthly commitment each New Moon maybe to sit with the next part of the work.

  • Use the secret Facebook Group to share and engage with community. Support and witness each other.

  • You may want to use the information to set up a Women's Circle either on Zoom or in person.

Most importantly:

  • Hear what you hear (your intuition will tell you what's important).
  • Remember ALL of your feelings are welcome.
  • Listen to your body, move when you need to move, stretch, be distracted away from the screen. Take radical responsibility for your needs.

Ruth x


Most chapters will have an audio aspect that is a recording of a meditation designed to take you into your own subconscious or Shamanic realms (depending on your belief system). These are designed to relax, heal and help you understand your Sacred Cycles


Many sections will include a video of engaging content to help you visualise and audibly learn/ re-member the work.


Every part of the course will include a written aspect, so if you can't watch the video you'll be able to read what's said.

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Welcome to Sacred Cycles!

Hi I'm Ruth,

This is my life's work bringing the old ways into our current lives, healing the world one woman at a time - helping us remember who we are and why we are sovereign.

This work is Patriarchy-smashing, Goddess-worshipping, Nature-honouring, self-care and self-love, in one neat (ish) package.

I have looked to Pagan & Shamanic culture's though the view point of Spirituality, Permaculture, Anthropology, Theology and Psychology and applied it to myself and the women I meet through my 1:1 Trauma Informed Shamanic Healing work. This is the wisdom that has been born from that.

The women I've done this work with have gone away wide eyed and excited. They walk away taller, more in their power. They begin honouring their feelings.

They get to see that they are the magic and any attempt to externalise their power is futile. They stop looking outside for their happiness and in-source instead.

Discovering that I hold my magic has changed my life. I hope it brings it home for you too.